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Friday, December 23, 2011

Abuse is NOT love

Not everyone understands true love that stems straight from the heart;
It could be love for family, friends, strangers- anybody.

Love is power;
And when you feel it, YOU are strength in yourself.

Don't let abuse hurt you for it is powerless.

Understand their predicament- their ignorance;
That's probably all they ever witnessed,
And most likely, all they are destined to know as of now.

You'll realize that you cannot thrust your knowledge on them;
So, slip away to the bright new life that you deserve.

If they are meant to find awareness, they will.
Pray and let the Lord do with them whatever He wills to do.


haze said...

You have a new blog! This is such a warm and cozy place, V. I like it <3

Of One Heart said...

Haze, you're my first follower on this one, too! Do you know that you're adorably sweet?? :) Thank you!